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Plug-In Solar 320W DIY Solar Power Kit with Adjustable Mounts (for Ground or Flat Roof) Enphase Q Cable Enphase IQ7 Micro-Inverter Plug-In Solar 250W DIY Solar Power Kit with Adjustable Ground Mounts Plug-In Solar 250W DIY Solar Power Kit with Adjustable Ground Mounts DIY Solar Power Kits - Adjustable Ground Mount Plug In Solar Mono (250W) DIY Ground Mount Kit - Adjustable Brackets Plug In Solar Mono (250W) DIY Ground Mount Kit - Adjustable Brackets Plug In Solar Mono (250W) DIY Ground Mount Kit - Adjustable Brackets Plug In Solar Mono (250W) DIY Ground Mount Kit

Plug-In Solar 320W DIY Solar Power Kit with Adjustable Mounts (for Ground or Flat Roof)

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Plug-In Solar is a Do It Yourself (DIY) Grid-Tied solar power system, which allows you to generate FREE electricity to power your appliances. Plug-In Solar kits include ALL the equipment you need to start saving money on your electricity bills, WITHOUT the need for government incentives.  No need for an EPC inspection, MCS Certification or The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Tariff.


Why Choose a Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit?
Plug-In Solar has a number of advantages over a ‘conventional’ Solar systems:

Plug-In Solar DIY Solar KitLow Cost – Small Investment
No EPC Inspections Necessary
No MCS Certification Required
Plug-In Solar Kits can be expanded at any time
Choose your own location for your Plug-In Solar installation
No Requirement for a Dedicated Installation Team (final connection and sign off by a qualified electrician is required [1])

What is included in a Plug-In Solar Kit?
Plug-In Solar 320W DIY Flat Roof / Ground Mount Specifications

Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit1 x MCS certified monocrystalline Solar Panel (320W minimum)
     (Individual solar panel dimensions are approximately 1690mm x 1000mm x 35mm)
     Please see our Solar Panel Page for available Solar Panel upgrades and prices.

Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit1 x G98 certified Enphase IQ7 Micro-Inverters (minimum)
Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit1 x Enphase Q Cable – 2M
Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit1 x Enphase Branch Terminator (End Cap)
Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit1 x AC Cable Connector
Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit1 x 2M AC Extension Cable
Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit1 x Adjustable Metal A-Frames with all panel fixings (min 15° degrees / max 43° degrees)
Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit1 x Warning Labels Sheet
Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit1 x Warranty and Certification Document Pack (via email)
Plug-In Solar DIY Solar Kit1 x Plug In Solar Installation Manual (via email)

*Earthing equipment is not supplied (but is required as per the IET Code of Practice for Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems [1])

If you have any questions about Plug-In Solar Kits, and how they work, you can visit our extensive FAQs Page
Are Plug-In Solar kits easy to install?
Installing a Plug-In Solar kit is a simple Plug and Play assembly.  You can install ALL the kit until the final connection (this will need to be performed by an electrician who will need to install a circuit breaker on a dedicated circuit [1])
You can install your Plug-In Solar kit in the GARDEN, on the PATIOSHEDPERGOLAWORKSHOPGARAGESTABLE, SUMMER HOUSE, OFFICE or HOUSE roof. Anywhere with a mains grid connection. It’s up to you. You must abide by all the relevant regulations as set out in the Important Information section of this page, and consult a professional in the appropriate field if you are in doubt about any aspect of the installation.
The Plug-In Solar Advantage?
With standard Solar PV kits, electricity generation is dependent on the panel that is performing the worst.  These types of systems will will not perform well with panels that are oriented in multiple directions or if panel shading is an issue.
Our Plug-In Solar Kits use Micro-Inverters to take full advantage of the production capability of each individual solar panel, regardless of shade or orientation to the sun. This ensures each panel can produce the maximum power and is not affected by the performance of any other panel in the array. You can find out more about the Enphase System and its benefits here: Enphase Benefits Video.
The Plug-In Solar System is flexible, and modular so you can design a kit to fit your current budget and energy needs, and expand it later as you wish. The system is completely modular, meaning if you want to add more panels, or a solar battery, this can be simply achieved.Plug-In Solar Kits are also Energy Storage Ready, meaning a battery system can easily be added to our kits using the Enphase AC Battery Storage Module.

The Plug-In Solar Advantage

How much money could I save with a Plug-In Solar kit?
You could SAVE an estimated £2,152.00 on your electricity bills with this 320W DIY Plug In Solar Power kit. That’s an average saving of £107.00 per year.*

What appliances can a Plug-In Solar kit power?
A 320W Plug-In Solar Kit is estimated to produce enough power to cover the energy consumption of ALL of the following, each year:**

Microwave Oven Tumble Dryer Washing Machine Fridge Freezer
52 cycles per year 23 cycles per year 52 cycles per year 5 hours per day
(for 365 days per year)

Plug-In Solar Kit – System Commissioning
Installations under 800W are exempt from G98 commissioning, so you can simply install this kit without any DNO paperwork.  More details on this exemption can be found here: ENA G98 Regulations.


The Solar Panel
The 320W Plug-in Solar kit is supplied with 1 x 320W MCS certified solar panel. This solar panel has a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 25 year 80% power performance guarantee.

The Enphase Micro-Inverter
This Plug In Solar Kit is supplied with G98 certified Enphase IQ7 Micro-Inverters.  The Micro-Inverters convert direct current (DC) produced by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) for use in your home.  As such, they form the heart of the Plug-in Solar Kit. The Enphase Micro-Inverter has a 25 year manufacturer guarantee.

The Flat Roof / Ground Mount Kit
The 320W Plug In Solar Kit is supplied with 2 x adjustable metal A-frames, which support the module and can be adjusted between 15 and 43 degrees. All the necessary solar panel clamps are included. These are warrantied for 10 years.

All components within the Plug In Solar kit comply fully with the G98 requirements and have MCS certifications, where applicable.  All certifications/warranties available on request

Please view the Downloads section for information on how much money you could save, and the appliances you can power with this Plug In Solar Kit.

Can I upgrade my Plug-In Solar Kit?
All of our kits are available for upgrade to a higher wattage solar panel. Please see our Solar Panel Page for available Solar Panels. Please email us for a bespoke quotation for this kit with the upgraded solar panels you have chosen.

You can also add solar energy battery storage to this Plug-In Solar kit by adding an Enphase AC Battery Storage Module.These are modular battery units that can be daisy chained in order to achieve the storage capacity you require.

If you have any other bespoke requirements for this kit, please contact us, we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Important Information

[1] It is a requirement that you abide by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, when undertaking the installation of a Plug-In Solar Kit.

[2] All electrical work must comply with The IET Code of Practice for Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems, and the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations.

[3] Installers must ensure that the property’s electricity supply is suitable for the connection of the additional demand and generation of the system being installed.

[4] All work on your property must comply with the latest Building Regulations in the UK. The ability of the existing roof to carry the load (weight) of the solar panels will need to be checked and proven. Some strengthening work may be needed.  It is your responsibility to check this and undertake/organise appropriate works as necessary.

[5] You may require planning permission for your Solar installation. It is your responsibility to check. If you are in any doubt, contact your local planning department or visit the Online Planning Portal for further advice.

[6] Under G98 regulations, you must Commission your Plug In Solar Installation with your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) with 28 days of completion of the installation. We provide ALL the G98 documentation required to commission your installation with your DNO, as well as step by step instructions on the process. You can find out who your DNO is, and their contact details here: Who is My DNO

[7] Installations are undertaken at the customer’s own risk. The Installation manuals provided are to be used as a guide only, and your discretion must be used when installing a Plug In Solar Kit. Plug In Solar Ltd take no responsibility for the incorrect installation of our product. You MUST follow ALL local regulations and abide by ALL necessary health and safety codes. You MUST consult a professional in the appropriate field if you are in doubt about any aspect of the installation.

*Over a 20 year period. Calculations undertaken using Solar Guide PV Calculator: ( and the Energy Saving Trust cost and saving facility (

**Based on A-Rated (or higher) appliances.  Specific appliances ratings and equipment age will affect energy consumption and these examples are guidelines only. Appliance consumption information from Center for Sustainable Energy (

The Solar Panels, Micro-Inverters, mounts and fixings supplied with your kit may not match those shown in the photographs but will be of an equal or better standard.




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