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PowerFlow Sundial M 6.0 kWh AC Battery Storage System

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The PowerFlow Sundial 6.0kWh AC Battery Storage System is a NEW, AFFORDABLE, INNOVATIVE and MODULAR battery storage system which allows excess energy produced by solar or wind power to be stored for later use. It is compatible with ANY existing or new solar PV system.

The PowerFlow Sundial 6.0kWh runs Version 3 software and is future proof, and meets the requirements for the governments new rules on battery storage and the dissemination of energy.

When teamed with our Plug-In Solar Kits the PowerFlow Sundial can help you further reduce your electricity bills by using your energy more effectively and efficiently.

The PowerFlow Sundial installation is a fully automated Plug and Play undertaking which can be achieved in under 1 hour and you DO NOT have to be a qualified electrician in order to do this*. This makes the PowerFlow Sundial ideal for fitting with a new Solar installation, or as a retrofit to an existing solar installation.

The PowerFlow Sundial system is fully modular and therefore future proof. Multiple Sundial units can be added to increase system capacity if required.

How The PowerFlow Sundial Works
The PowerFlow Sundial works by instantaneously capturing and releasing electrical energy stored in the integrated Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack. The capture and release system reacts to the building’s demand profile rather than the time of day or night. Energy release occurs quickly, at an industry leading efficiency rate, helping to increase self consumption and reduce energy bills.

PowerFlow Sundial Benefits

  • Designed for New Solar Installations or for Retrofit
  • Compatible with any existing or new solar PV system.
  • Modular system, expandable over time
  • Under 1 hour install time (Plug and Play)
  • Improves grid stability
  • Scalable to utility size projects
  • G98 Regulatory Compliant
  • 5 year Warranty
  • Safe, reliable, long lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Convective cooling with no fans for quite operation
  • Next generation capture and release technology
  • Increased efficiency for greater savings
  • Integrated LCD display
  • Night rate capture option
  • Stunning metallic silver and carbon fibre finish

Please view the Downloads section for all technical data.

Please note: This is an AC coupled G98 Compliant Device and will not work in the event of a power cut or grid outage.

*Installations are undertaken at the customer’s own risk. The Installation manuals provided are to be used as a guide only, and your discretion must be used when installing the PowerFlow Sundial product. Please consult a professional electrician if you are in any doubt.


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