Snooper Ventura Portable Powerbank with Jumpstart Snooper Ventura Portable Powerbank with Jumpstart Snooper Ventura Portable Powerbank with Jumpstart Snooper Ventura Portable Powerbank with Jumpstart Snooper Ventura Portable Powerbank with Jumpstart

Snooper Ventura PB80 Powerbank with Jumpstart

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An all-in-one portable powerbank with 400Amp Jump start and LED flashlight. Never worry about starting your vehicle, low battery electrical devices or getting lost outdoors with the versatile Ventura Portable Powerbank PB80 with 400Amp Jump start.

The versatile Ventura Portable Power family is designed for life on the road. These powerbanks will enable you and your friends to stay off the grid for longer in the knowledge you have a super quick power source on demand. Enjoy your outdoor adventure without being a slave to mains connected power and now recovery trucks and mechanics.

The ingenious Powerbank PB80 is the supreme portable power device for any camper or traveller. With a built-in 400Amp Jump Starter capable of starting your vehicle multiple times*, 12,000mAh powerbank and an LED Flashlight, the PB80 will be the first item packed into your touring kit. Never worry about starting your vehicle or low battery on your electrical devices again.

*The number of restarts available will vary depending on type of vehicle and discharge state of battery. PB80 is designed for use in case of a breakdown and not a substitute for correct vehicle maintenance.

Perfect for charging smart-phones, tablets and laptops, PB80 is ideal for people who are always on the go and require a multi-purpose charging device.

Ventura Portable Power PB80 comes with a hard wearing, silicon case for extra protection during those times of emergency and with the additional benefit of a handy carry bag, perfect for storing your new Powerbank and Jumpstart.


  • Input – DC12V/1A
  • Output – DC19V/3.5A
  • DC12V/10A
  • USB5V/2A
  • Capacity – 12,000mAh (milliamp hours)
  • Weight – 420 g
  • Dimensions – 160mm x 75mm x 28mm
  • Battery Capacity – 44.4Wh
  • Full Charging Time – 3 Hours
  • Starting current – 2 00A
  • Peak current – 4 00A
  • Operating Temperature – -20° ≥ 60°
  • Warranty – 12 Months Manufacturer Guarantee

What’s In The Box?
1 x Ventura Portable Power PB80
1 x Set of Output Connectors
1 x AC Home Charger
1 x Jumpstart Cable with Clamps
1 x Protective Carry Bag
1 x Protective Silicon Case
1 x Multi-lingual User Manual

Charging Capabilities
iPad/Tablet – Approximately 4 times (depending on your device)
iPhone/Smartphone – Approximately 7 times (depending on your device)
GPS Device – Approximately 7 times (depending on your device)
Mobile Phone – Approximately 8 times (depending on your device)

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery.
Ventura Portable Power PB80 with Jumpstart contains a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which stores up-to 12,000 mAh. Lithium-ion batteries are the market leading type of battery for portable devices due to their flexibility, durability and low electrical discharge.

12,000 mAh (Milliamp hours)
Milliamp hours defines the battery life on a single charge. The larger the mAh rating on the recharger the longer the unit can charge your device for. The PB80 is fully rechargeable with any powering device including Ventura Solar Packs, and will power laptops, tablets and kindle devices.

Lightning Quick Charge Up.
PB80 Powerbank will charge up your mobile or smart phone from flat to fully charged in approximately 1 hour*. Ideal if you’re travelling and need to make contact in emergencies.

*it is advised to turn your mobile or smart phone to flight mode for speedier charge up.

Dual Output Voltage.
Depending on your electrical device, you may require different voltage outputs so as not to damage your device. Ventura portable power PB80 with Jump Start offers different output voltages to suit different appliances. PB80 with Jumpstart comes with 5V and 12V-19V power outputs to safely charge your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Rechargeable Powerbank.
Ventura Portable Power PB80 with Jumpstart is fully rechargeable through the AC home charger and via Ventura Solar Packs SPV140 and SPV280.

400Amp Jump Start.
PB80 comes with a built-in 400Amp jump starter which is powerful enough to jump start most large vehicles.

Copper Tipped Jump Start Clips.
For optimum performance PB80 400Amp Jump Start comes with copper tipped jump start clips for superior connection. Copper contacts are the perfect electrical conductor, being light weight, hardwearing and resistant to high temperatures making them ideal for portable jump start kits.

High Quality Lithium-ion Battery
19V Output
12V Output
5V USB Output
12V 1A Input
Multi-Output Connectors
Protective Carry Bag
Jumpstart Cables with Clips

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I power off my PB80?
A. Your PB80 will power off automatically once charging is complete or after a short period of inactivity.

Q. How many times can my PB80 charge my mobile or smart phone?
A. Approximately 7 times.

Q. How long will my PB80 take to fully charge my mobile or smart phone?
A. Approximately 1 Hour

Q. How long will my PB80, if full charged, supply power to a Laptop or Notebook?
A. 2-3 Hours

Q. How long will my PB80 remain charged when not in use?
A. 6-12 months, however, we suggest to recharge it every 6 months, to ensure optimal performance.


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