How Does It Work?

Plug In Solar DIY Kits, Self Fit Solar

How does Plug In Solar work? That’s easy to explain. Plug In Solar uses Solar panels to generate FREE ELECTRICITY from sunlight. This electricity is converted from DC to AC by a Micro Inverter, and fed into your mains electric circuit (via a Fused Connection Unit) allowing you to power your household appliances.

Our DIY Plug In Solar Kits are made up of three main parts:
1. Solar Panels 2. Micro-Inverters 3. Mounting System

The Solar Panel

The Solar Panel consists of solar cells that are made of a semiconductor material. Once the sun’s rays meet the solar module, particles in the material are set in motion, creating electricity.

The Micro Inverter

The Micro Inverter converts the electricity created by the Solar Panel from DC to AC that is safe to use in the home. That’s what the Micro Inverter does. The Micro Inverter contains clever circuitry that ensures it is safe for you to wire In your panels into the Mains power supply. The Solar Spur we supply is for RCD protection.

The Mounting System

The Mounting system (whether ground or roof mount) ensures your panels are remain in the correct position and angle to catch the sun’s rays.

Please visit our extensive FAQs section or CONTACT US if you have any further questions about out DIY Plug In Solar Kits.  We will be happy to help answer any of your questions.

System Installation

Setting up our Plug In Solar System up requires NO EXPERIENCE. It’s as EASY as 1-2-3. To start saving money and achieving FREE electricity, all you need to do is follow 3 steps:

Plug In Solar DIY Kits, Self Fit Solar
Plug In Solar DIY Kits, Self Fit Solar
Plug In Solar DIY Kits, Self Fit Solar
You can choose to have yours on the SHEDPERGOLASTABLEGARAGECARAVAN or HOUSE. Or, with a few additional mounts, in the GARDEN, or on the PATIO. Almost anywhere; it’s up to you.

Start Saving Now

Plug In Solar DIY Kits, Self Fit Solar

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