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Which AC Tied Battery System Should I Choose?

If you are looking to use our Plug-In Solar Kits (which include Enphase Micro-Inverters), and want to add Battery Storage, this information will be helpful to you to help you decide which option is best.

Option 1: Enphase Battery Modules

Enphase currently offer a great little 1.2kWh battery (with integrated Inverter), and you can see more information on this here: Enphase Battery Module.  In order to expand the capacity, you simply add another module (e.g. 2 x 1.2kWh = 2.4kWh)
The beauty of the Enphase Batteries is they will integrate with the Enphase system, and you would be able to monitor the battery performance through the Enlighten App along with the performance of your panels.  However in order to do this, you would have to upgrade to the Enphase S Metered, as shown here: Enphase Envoy S Metered Gateway


Option 2: Solis 3.0kW 5G RAI Energy Storage AC Coupled Battery Charger/Manager and PylonTech Battery Modules

You can see more information about the Solis 3.0kW 5G RAI Energy Storage AC Coupled Battery Charger/Manager on our website here: Solis 3.0kW 5G RAI Energy Storage AC Coupled Battery Charger/Manager.

This unit allows you to charge and discharge batteries, charge the batteries from the grid (great if you have a dual tariff) and also run an Emergency Power Supply (EPS) directly from the batteries in the event of a power outage (if necessary).  You will need this even if you have a Solar PV Inverter/Micro-Inverters.

The Solis 3.0kW 5G RAI Energy Storage AC Coupled Battery Charger/Manager is usually teamed with PylonTech Battery Modules, which are available in three capacities:

To increase the capacity of the battery bank you can simply add more modules.  You can also mix and match modules if required.

As well as the Battery Inverter and Batteries, you would also need some other additional equipment such as:

Online monitoring is available with the Solis AC Charger, but you will require the Solis Wifi Stick.


Option 3: Alpha ESS 3000W Single Phase AC Coupled Inverter with Integrated 2.9kWh Battery, and Expansion Packs

The Alpha ESS is an AC-Tied Battery which has it’s own integrated Inverter so it can be retrofitted to any Solar PV system at any time.  You can see more information on this unit here: https://www.pluginsolar.co.uk/?product=alpha-ess-3000w-single-phase-ac-coupled-inverter-with-integrated-2-9kwh-battery-ip65

If you wanted to add capacity to this battery you could simply add expansion packs at any time to get to your desired capacity: https://www.pluginsolar.co.uk/?product=alpha-smile-b3-parallel-connection-expansion-battery-2-9kwh-ip65

If you are unsure if you need a Battery System, we would advise running your Solar PV system for a month or so (in Spring or Summer), and record the energy generation and usage.   That way you can determine whether a battery is worth purchasing, based on how much excess energy you have.  As battery systems can be retro-fitted, this is a very worthwhile activity.

If you have any other questions, please just email us at [email protected]