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Solar is no longer an addition to your roof, Solar is your roof. The Perlight IRT – Integrated Roof Tile is more than a solar panel. It is a solar roof. No trays or complicated and unsightly mounting systems, IRT is installed directly to the roof.

The Perlight IRT system has interlocking aluminium flashings, with NO plastic.  It works with all common roof tiles, including slate, concrete and rosemary and is designed to last for over 25 years.

Perlight’s IRT design is truly game-changing in its combination of strength & simplicity.  Each panel is compact at only 1,036mm x 701mm, and weighs only 8.95kg.  The system can be installed or removed in under one minute (per tile), whilst the interlocking design provides superior strength and wind rating.

Perlight IRT interlocking design provides supreme protection from the elements as well as peerless precision, clean lines and innovative appearance. Thanks to its shingled design, which mimics roof tiles, the timeless character of the traditional tiled roof is not only maintained but updated for modern times.

The Plug-In Solar Advantage
With standard Solar PV kits, electricity generation is dependent on the panel that is performing the worst.  These types of systems will will not perform well with panels that are oriented in multiple directions or if panel shading is an issue.

Our Plug-In Solar Kits use Micro-Inverters to take full advantage of the production capability of each individual solar panel, regardless of shade or orientation to the sun. This ensures each panel can produce the maximum power and is not affected by the performance of another panel in the array.

The Plug-In Solar System is flexible, and modular so you can design a kit to fit your current budget and energy needs, and expand it later as you wish. The system is completely modular, meaning if you want to add more panels, or a solar battery, this can be simply achieved.

Plug-In Solar Kits are also Energy Storage Ready, meaning a battery system can easily be added to our kits using the Enphase AC Battery Storage Module.

The Plug-In Solar Advantage



*A qualified electrician will be required to sign off the electrical side of the installation for all new builds and self builds.

[1] It is a requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 that all persons carrying out electrical work must be competent to do so.  A ‘skilled person’, is person with technical knowledge or sufficient experience to enable him/her to avoid dangers which electricity may create.

**Over a 20 year period. Calculations undertaken using Solar Guide PV Calculator: ( and the Energy Saving Trust cost and saving facility (

***Based on A-Rated (or higher) appliances.  Specific appliances ratings and equipment age will affect energy consumption and these examples are guidelines only. Appliance consumption information from Center for Sustainable Energy (

The Solar Panels, Micro-Inverters, mounts and fixings supplied with your kit may not match those shown in the photographs but will be of an equal or better standard.

Installations are undertaken at the customer’s own risk. The Installation manuals provided are to be used as a guide only, and your discretion must be used when installing the Plug In Solar product. Plug In Solar take no responsibility for incorrect installation of our product.  Please consult a professional electrician if you are in any doubt.




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